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WWE 10 most astonishing Winners of Royal Rumble

Most astonishing winners of WWE ever Royal Rumble
 As the Royal Rumble event is going to be held in 2016, so there is so much competition right now between the last winners of Royal Rumble. This time fans of WWE is so much confused in the problem of guessing the winner of this Royal Rumble 2016 results.

Last time, Roman Reigns was the winner of the Royal Rumble. This time nothing can be said exactly what will happen this time in Royal Rumble 2016. Dave Bautista and John Cena are two person who only won the Royal Rumble Championship twice.
         John Cena first won the Royal Rumble Championship in 2008 which was very competitive event at that time and nobody expect that John Cena would win that match. But in 2013, John Cena again made his presence in Royal Rumble and proved that he is a real winner. So visitors of WWE are giving more rating to John Cena and Dave Bautista. We can't say surely because it is time that will tell what will happen.

As the other participants of Royal Rumble 2016 also doing so much work hard to win this championship of 2016.
  Brock Lesnar, the very popular and renowned wrestler and participant of the Royal Rumble 2016 live event. Who is also doing so much work hard
 who also has already won the series like Wrestle mania , Smackdown RAW. 

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Event Name :                               Royal Rumble 2016

Date :                                             24 January , 2016

Venue :                                          Amway Center, Florida

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