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Royal Rumble 2016 : who will compete for World Heavy weight Championship?

Royal Rumble 2016 : predictions
    According to the sources from WWE from very long time in the history of wrestling, World Heavyweight Champion will have to fight to keep possession his main title in World Wrestling Entertainment.
Vinci McMahon who is the chairman and guest referee of WWE made very unexpected announcement in Monday Night RAW.

According to Vinci McMahon Roman Reign will have to fight with other 29 men for the title.

All the WWE star will come in to this event but nobody gets chance to win this title so the question arise who will compete at Royal Rumble and who will win this most awaited Championship?

Roman Reigns is already getting the credit of the Royal Rumble 2016 superstar. If we talk about John Cena who has been a number one wrestler over the last decade could show up something and will take up Roman Reign in Royal Rumble 2016 on 24, Jan 2016.

Event Name :                                                    Royal Rumble 2016

Date :                                                                  24 January , 2016

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