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WWE Slammy Awards 2015 | Slammy Awards Winners 2015

Slammy Award Winners of 2015, Wrestlers got awards

Slammy Awards are special awards that are organised by WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment) that are given to the wrestlers playing in WWE events for their wonderful achievements in wrestling. Slammy awards are similar to other renowned awards like Academy and Grammy awards. 
                        WWE started award giving in 1986 and from that moment every year this Slammy award goes to that wrestler who have got many achievement in the field of wrestling.
The Slammy awards always get some exciting stuff for their visitors. The categories in which awards are given below are listed below :

1. Best Commentator

2. Best Personality in Land

3. Best Producer

4. Best Single Performer

The 2015 Slammy awards recently takes place and it was very exciting according to the sources.Many Renowned personalities had came in the grand award function of Slammy Awards 2015.
  This year Seth Rollins Who is also known by the name Colby Lopez got the stardom of the year. He became the superstar of the year. The Photo of the Colby Lopez is Shown Below:

Colby Lopez this year be one of the 
most favourite superstar of the year. Seth Rollins is a professional wrestler.Currently Seth Rollins is
injured due to hiatus.

Nikki Bella got the credit of Diva 
of the year 2015 who is also a model and actress. she is a professional wrestler in WWE and right now signed to the upcoming WWE events.

    The Actress is actually twins. her sister is also a professional wrestler and also participated in this Slammy Award function 2015. Her sister and she is popularly known as The Bella Twins.

The Twin sister photo 
is right here. Both sisters are former WWE Divas Champions and very good wrestlers of that 
wrestling series.

So Overall award function was so exciting. these two sisters were the star attraction of award.

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