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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 predictions Rumours

Will Daniel Bryan will come back in Royal Rumble 2016
 It has been rumoured nowadays that the famous wrestler named Daniel Bryan will come back in the upcoming event of Royal Rumble which is to be held on 24 January , 2016 in the new year.
       The Rumour that Will Daniel Bryan will come in Royal Rumble 2016 is very popular by the audience reviews. Daniel Bryan may be working on return to WWE Ring. Daniel Bryan has not made any announcement or decision to come in Royal Rumble 2016.

   In last event of Wrestle mania 31 , he had become the international champion at that event at Levi's stadium. The Rumour of coming Bryan at Royal Rumble live is just to made TRP for WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment).

If Daniel Bryan will take part in this event so there will be so much interest of audience and their fans to watch. 

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